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New TCL Device Brings Foldable Phones at a Whole New Level

Samsung shocked the world back in September last year when it brought a great piece of technology to the market: the Galaxy Fold, a device that combines both smartphone and tablet elements into one single gadget. This device showed the world a completely new concept of smartphones because technically speaking, it’s also a phone.

But with Chinese companies being increasingly active in the recent years in the smartphone market, it’s now time for TCL to shine. For those who don’t know, this is a partially state-owned Chinese multinational company. TCL is taking foldable smartphones at a whole new level, creating a phone that folds over itself twice.

The touchscreen has 10 inches

Of course, some people may find the design ridiculous, but it’s for sure an option for those willing to unfold a big screen after keeping it as a regular phone in their pocket. Here’s what TCL has created:

As for the specs, no word has been said from the company, and we shouldn’t be upset because of that. The gadget is for the moment only at the state of pure concept. Those who would use such a phone should hope that TCL’s gadget won’t be too fragile as the first Galaxy Fold from Samsung was at its first release. Even the South-Korean company itself acknowledged this easily by selling the product along with a little guide that taught the users how to keep the gadget safe. There were warnings like “don’t keep it near metal objects”.

TCL’s new gadget doesn’t even have a name for the moment, but some reporters and tech specialists could already play with it a little bit and see what it’s made of.

Whether TCL’s foldable device will become a consumer product or not, we can expect to see an increasing amount of foldable phones in the very near future. Companies like Huawei, Motorola, and Samsung have already brought such beautiful gadgets to the market.



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