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New Realme Smartphone Design Leaked Online

The upcoming Realme X50m 5G mobile phone will soon go on sale in China. This smartphone produced by Realme was first launched on 23 April 2020 in India. But the company doesn’t stop here with their work for this year. It looks like they got two other products up their sleeves, according to the latest rumors. We might soon see the Realme Narzo and X3.

There has been numerous report regarding these two upcoming smartphones, including the major specifications and also design. However, this article is about a new product. The latest rumors are that Realme company is working on a new mobile phone that has a unique design.

This is very exciting news. If they turn out to be true, we might see a completely new design for the so-called upcoming Realme smartphone. The new device is believed to be a premium mobile phone, and we are very curious to find out more. The source of this information is believed to be reliable as it comes from Weibo via DroidHolic. However, a leak is just a leak until the official details are shared.

New Realme Smartphone Design Leaks

The design of the upcoming smartphone was leaked via a photo. So let’s go into every detail of the image. We can see that the back of the upcoming mobile phone is very similar to the Oppo Reno 3. The later smartphone was released in 2019. Judging by the look of the rear, it looks to be carbon-Esque completed by a glass panel. In terms of the camera, we can see a quad-camera setup.

If you zoom in, you can also read the message ‘AI Quad Camera.’ Another thing that looks quite different from the previous models is the adorned logo. But that is not the only thing that looks different, there is also a golden boundary line on the back of the phone, circling the camera set up and going down.

Another image shows this new smartphone next to the X50 Pro 5G model. That could mean that this new Realme smartphone is part of the X lineup. But as we mentioned above, this article is based on a piece of leaked information, which means that we still have to wait for the official details to be confirmed.



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