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New MOBA Pokémon game is on the way

There is a new Pokémon game called Pokémon Unite. The game was produced in collaboration with Tencent. As part of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, the game is available to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. 

The game’s action takes place on a symmetrical map where players will get to explore it. However, each team has a base on two opposite sides. The goal of the game is to catch Pokémon, obviously. But, doing so, the player is left with options. The first option is to stand on certain capture points. The second option is to take down your enemies. Use your Pokémon’s moves to make the game more exciting. 

Pokémon Unite features all sorts of “Pocket Monsters” at the moment. That means the players have options to choose from when battling. As you might already know, all Pokémon have different combat skills. Here are a few that showed up on stream:

  • Snorlax, 
  • Pikachu, 
  • Talonflame, 
  • Machamp, 
  • Venusaur, 
  • Charizard, 
  • Blastoise, 
  • Clefairy, 
  • Gengar,  
  • Lucario.

The list doesn’t seem too long at the moment; however, that could change soon. Developers might add more Pokémon in the future.

Another worth mentioning fact about this new game is this: the game is cross-platform. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have or not have a Nintendo Switch, you can still play this game with your friends that do. Being a cross-platform game means that players on mobile devices can join Nintendo Switch players to fight for their favorite Pokémon. However, we don’t know exactly when Pokémon Unite will roll out. The official release date was not confirmed yet. 

Tencent and the Pokémon Company collaboration was initiated in July last year. Tencent is also the studio behind League of Legends as it holds a large stake in Riot Games. Therefore, the new game should be very interesting. 



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