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New Mafia II Mod Improves the Old Graphics Significantly

Even if it’s a decade old, Mafia II still is one of the best gangster games out there, if not simply the best. The story is full of twists and turns, and it hits you with the harsh reality of the mafia, where even what appears to be your best friend can try to kill you for a few thousands of dollars. The shooting is absolutely fantastic and very addictive, the music is legendary, and even the graphics were outstanding for that time period when the game got out. But hey, there’s always room for more!

The Mafia II Old Time Reality Mod created by QTModz brings you an even better visual experience of Vito Scaletta’s roaming throughout the 1950s Empire Bay. The mod has been redoing all the weather types and seasons, and it also has been adding some new ones. We now have “overcast, cloudy, and sunshowers”, for instance.

Should we install it?

Well, common sense says that you should. The mod added new textures for the whole map, which isn’t very big comparing it with other open-world games. Mafia II haters could complain about the size of the map, but fans know that it has all that it needs, and even features not seen in much bigger maps from other open-world games: being able to bribe the police when you get caught for a minor infraction, being able to refuel your car at a gas station, and more.

Now feel free to take a look at what the new mod has to offer:

Of course, hardcore Mafia II fans might always claim that you have to stick with the original and not install any mods. After all, nothing can beat the original, generally speaking. But the choice is yours and also the risk.

New ammunition

Besides the improved visuals, the Mafia II Old Time Reality Mod also offers new ammunition so you can punish the bad guys with more efficiency.

If you’re decided to install the new Mafia II mod, you have to follow this link . Happy shooting!

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