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New leaks show PS5 possible release date

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many events were delayed or canceled. Unfortunately, Sony was not able to hold any physical events in regards to its upcoming PS5. However, they did an online presentation. But, it was not very exciting for the fans. The next-gen console was revealed a few months back during a game presentation. Last week’s State of Play did not bring anything new to the table.  

PS5 Details

Many fans hoped that last week’s event would confirm the release date or at least the official price of the PS5 console. Unfortunately, Sony is still quiet about those details. But don’t get too frustrated yet. According to a few leakers, the real event will take place soon. But also keep in mind to take everything with a pinch of salt.  

Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed the period launch for the next-gen console, which is Holiday 2020. Therefore, the big revelation is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to find out the release date and costs. 

According to one of the leakers, the upcoming PS5 event will include a teardown of the game device. On top of that, we should also find out more about the backward compatibility, release date, and price during the next event. The leaker revealed that Sony’s initial plan was to reveal the news to the public earlier this month. However, they are waiting for Microsoft to make the first move. The next PS5 event will take place either later this month or in September. 

However, a different insider is suggesting that Sony will hold the event sooner in the upcoming weeks. Don’t get too excited about the news as NotebookCheck revealed both sources had made incorrect predictions in the past. One sure thing is that Sony won’t hold an in-person press conference. This also means not many people are able to get accurate information about the event. 

According to a different source, Jeff Grubb, Microsoft will be the first to reveal its console. Xbox Series X is more likely to come out this month. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer for the PS5 reveal. 

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