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New GTA V Mod Brings Back Vice City

If you are waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6 to take you back to Vice City, you should stop because nobody knows for sure when the game will come out. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t rely on sources other than official ones when you read articles. And it’s already becoming extremely annoying how the internet is flooded with rumors about GTA 6, but you see almost nothing actually credible.

Although maybe nobody these days would play the tremendous success GTA Vice City anymore, there are some aspects in the game that will be living in our minds forever. The atmosphere and music from the 80s, the shootings, the cheat codes, or the story – they all made GTA Vice City an entertaining game to play, even if it was released 18 years ago.

Vice City comes to GTA 5

What better way could it be to enjoy the wonderful environment of Vice City than in the latest and most successful GTA game? IGN presents on its YouTube channel the new Vice City mod for GTA 5:

Thinking of how old Michael is, this John McClane of the GTA series, you could say that bringing him to Vice City is the dream of his life. When he was younger, he surely must have been partying and spending lots of time with women, while 80s music has been playing loudly in the background.

In the new Vice City mod, you can fly, drive boats, drive cars, shooting whoever you want, and, of course, getting involved in fights with the police. Although we don’t know anything else than the video above is revealing, the mod might be worth downloading and installing. Or, of course, you can always download the old GTA Vice City game if you’re too nostalgic.

As IGN says, we have to give credit to the Vice Cry team and lunchxbles for this new mod for GTA 5. Hopefully, we will finally be able to swim in Vice City.




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