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New FIFA 20 Promo Hints To Copa Libertadores License And More Novelties

The new loading screen in FIFA 20 has shown that a new promo will be released soon. The theme is quite interesting for us. It could be themed with Copa Libertadores or Carniball. Or perhaps it could go with something even bigger. The loading screen does not come with many details, besides the hidden positions, but there are also many other FIFA 20 promotional materials which can tell us more. We also have the history of the company, on which we can rely on.

The Copa Libertadores promo of FIFA 20

We have the Copa Libertadores promo. Copa Libertadores is known to be a South American club competition that takes place every year. This will be the first time the competition will take place in FIFA, and we are so excited!

The gaming studio stated that the new content will be coming to the game in March and that it will be free. We have seen that the color of the loading screen is the same as the artwork for the competition used.

The Carniball promo

It could be Carniball, though. Carniball is starting in FIFA Mobile, so the two promos can actually match up. And considering the last few years, it’s the right time, too. But we still might need to take all of this with a pinch of salt. In FIFA 2019, Carniball was colorful, and they used yellow and bright pink in order to match the inspiration of the carnival in the promo.

FIFA Mobile and FIFA 20 may not have the same content. The promo, be it with Copa Libertadores, Carniball, or even something else, will start at 1 pm on the 21st of February.

In other news, the FIFA 21 (2021) game would launch, as usual, in fall 2020. So, we should expect the next game from EA Sports to pop-up in September this year.



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