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New Eternal Fury H5 Version Available, Event Celebration and Rewards Available on April 11

Eternal Fury, the free HTML5 browser game from Game Hollywood is getting an update, introducing a new version, with new content and many rewards. If the Easter Event was already filled with rewards, the new version will be properly celebrated on April 11, so get ready to win some awesome rewards.

Eternal Fury H5 – New Version Brings Veteran Summon, Easter Rewards and More

Let’s check the official patch notes for Eternal Fury H5 and see what the new version brings.

New summons in-game are available! You’ll find Mordred, Galahad, Aether, and Bridget!

Veteran Summon

  • In Veteran Summon, you will be able to summon any hero from the Summoning Altar. The current Mercenaries gets a very big drop rate.
  • While the new version event takes place, every 200 summons, you will obtain one of the current Mercenaries.
  • Your summons will be reset once you receive a Mercenary.

Easter Lucky Slot

  • Draw one by using an Easter Token or 100 Diamonds. Drawing 10 times at once will be discounted by 10%.
  • If you don’t have enough Easter Token, you can use Diamonds to keep drawing.

Easter Frame and Easter Title

You’ll notice there’s a new frame coming with the Easter Event. You can obtain it once the event begins.

Easter Carnival is also added to the new version.

Miscellaneous: new special effects have been added to titles

If you’re new to Eternal Fury, don’t worry, the game is fresh and user-friendly to any type of casual or experienced gamers. Let’s take a quick look at what the game offers.

Eternal Fury – Fight Demons, Become a Great Leader

The free browser game that runs under HTML5 promises an adventure that will keep you wired for a long time. With a unique story and captivating lore, you get to choose a hero, fight demons and build your own castle.

The pace of the fight is welcomed for those on a busy schedule, as it has turn-based RPG action, which means you don’t need to hurry during a battle.

There are many quests and you can even join a Guild and lead your own kingdom.

There is also an Arena where you can play a 1v1 battle against other players and increase in rank.

You will have to not only upgrade your hero, but also your mounts, troops, servants and buildings.

If that is not enough, you will get to participate in limited time events, fight in dungeons and learn different strategies to win resources.

The art is great, all the content being rendered in 3D to create an immersive experience. As with all RPG games, there is a bunch of customization to your hero through costumes, as well as many mounts and mercenaries.

Check out Eternal Fury H5 on the official website to learn more about the game. You can also follow the Eternal Fury on its Facebook Page and discover more details, competitions and even new guilds or friends that are already playing the popular browser game.



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