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New Android Bug Can Turn Your Device’s Camera Against You

Attention Android users, a bug can use your phone’s camera for taking videos or pictures without your permission! The virus can also use user your location or record every phone call that you give or receive. The issue is affecting all Google’s Pixel phones and Samsung users with Android. The bug was found by the company Checkmarx, who is testing the security of many applications. Samsung and Google had worked with the company to resolve the problem.

Checkmarx had done some testing and found a way to bypass the system security in the vulnerable spots of the software. On the other side, Google is the one that has a set of rules for users who should grant permission for some applications.

The authorities needed from you will be for the camera, the recorded audio, and access to your location. By performing some tests, Checkmarx found that the applications which needed permission to the SD card are the ones that can bypass the security system.

New Android Bug Can Turn Your Device’s Camera Against You

The company is explaining that when an Android user permits an app to access the storage, the bug will access the past photos and the new ones. If you allow the app to access your SD card, you will practically permit the attacker to remote control your camera. If this happens, the attacker will record; take videos and photos without you knowing.

Moreover, the more concerning fact is that the attacker can use the camera even if your lock screen is on; also, both cameras are vulnerable. The company tested the vulnerability issue through a weather app created by the team. With their weather app, they bypassed all the permissions and recorded the user conversation, taken photos and videos, and found out the location.

Finally, both Google and Samsung have released camera updates to fix the bug after the companies agreed with Checkmarx research. To stay safe and be aware of everything that is happening, it is highly recommended to update your camera app and take note of the permissions you are asked for.



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