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Netflix offers freebies to non-subscribers

Netflix is feeling generous lately. If you are are not a Netflix subscriber but still interested in the platform, we have news for you. The media service provider offers free choice of films and TV series episodes to non-subscribers! That means you don’t need an account to watch a movie or your favorite TV show.

However, there is a catch, or maybe not a catch, but a small inconvenience. The offer is available for PC and Android users only. The iOS system doesn’t support this feature yet. Nevertheless, the offer includes popular shows, like Stranger Things, Bird Box, and The 2 Popes. Therefore, if you are a PC or Android device owner, give it a try.

Netflix is a very popular platform around the world. However, not everyone has an account. This is the perfect chance to try the service out. It gives non-subscribers an opportunity to test the waters. This platform doesn’t offer a free month-long trial if you wish to join the service. However, it allows non-subscribers to watch a few shows or movies without registering from time to time.

Currently, over 200 countries are included in this Netflix offer. It was confirmed in the Netflix Support Center that those freebies don’t require an account. However, the media provider doesn’t offer full shows. That means you can watch only the first episodes of a TV series. Once the offer is worn-out, you will need to register to watch the full show.

“We are taking a look at different advertising and marketing promotions to attract new members and provide them an excellent Netflix encounter,” said a Netflix spokesperson about the free articles.

However, this is not the first time Netflix is being generous. Non-subscribers were able to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before for free around Valentine’s Day. Of course, the movie was available for a short time, but the still public enjoyed it. Bard of Blood is another show that was also a freebie at some point.

Don’t forget to check out the newest page on Netflix’s site to see if you fancy any movie or show. Why not? It is free!



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