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Need For Speed Heat Vs. Forza Horizon – Which Will Be The Best Racing Game?

One of the most sought-after games of 2019 is Need For Speed Heat. However, the title will experience the fierce competition of Forza Horizon. While the NFS franchise is popular, Forza Horizon is also there, and it comes with enjoyable gameplay and appreciated features. So, let’s see which will be the best racing game once Need For Speed Heat launches later this year.

Need For Speed Heat Vs. Forza Horizon – Which Will Be The Best Racing Game?

Need For Speed Heat

The Need For Speed franchise is the most popular racing game series ever. With dozens of releases over time, EA established a trend in the world of racing games with its NFS titles. Now, in 2019, the publisher will release Need For Speed Heat. Many fans are already eager to try the new installment in the series.

With lots of new features, Need For Speed Heat promises to be one of the best games in the franchise. Racers versus cops idea and the fully-customizable vehicles in the game could be enough for the upcoming NFS game to be successful.

Forza Horizon

In comparison with the Need For Speed franchise, Forza Horizon represents racing games players that prefer a more limited in-game action. However, Forza Horizon comes with a broad array of tracks, more than 200 cars, and it’s more realistic than Need For Speed. Besides, Forza Horizon also comes with a well-established moto series racing mode that obtained the players’ and critics’ acclaims.

With the release of Need For Speed Heat, however, that might change, and the kingdom of racing games might fall, once again, into the hands of Electronic Arts with its well-known NFS franchise.


Well, the battle between Need For Speed Heat and Forza Horizon would be fierce. But, the power that the NFS franchise has in the universe of racing games might be enough for EA to sell more copies. On the other hand, Forza Horizon is more realistic and comes with different features.

It would be exciting to see how the balance would change between Need For Speed and Forza Horizon once Need For Speed Heat launches.



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