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Motorola’s Upcoming RAZR Foldable Version Might Be Out Earlier

Recent news about Motorola’s possibility of releasing its newest foldable device has been resurfaced online, thanks to an image posted on Weibo. The device has been identified in public as Motorola’s RAZR foldable version. The leak comes after Motorola officially released some photos with RAZR for the press. China’s Weibo network, however, posted a picture with someone holding the newest device, fueling the speculations of an early launch of RAZR foldable.

Sunniton is a user who posted the photo claiming the smartphone is very real. He also displays the device fully unfolded, and we can see the thickset bottom chin and a possible cut on the top.

The upcoming Motorola RAZR is speculated to cost about $1,500, to come with decent specifications, and innovative design, the flexible screen. Such a feature will surely bring back lots of memories of the classic and famous flipping phone, a real-deal in the past.

The recent photos have also shown that RAZR could be used even if it’s folded with a touch setting. This thing is possible due to the added controls and a little inserted screen on the outside part of the device, which is perfect for taking selfies.

Motorola RAZR So Far

Motorola decided to revive the RAZR devices and upgrade them for a line of Android smartphones in October 2011. Motorola Droid RAZR for Verizon Wireless, and its improved successor, the Droid RAZR Maxx, have been developed, and it made quite the impression. Stylized tapered corners marked the smartphones’ design, along with the trademark thinness. Last year, Lenovo, now-owners, announced that Motorola and RAZR filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization for developing a foldable device, with a RAZR V3 design similarity. Until new details about the device, many rumors and expectations appeared online.



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