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Money Heist Season 5 Might Be Delayed To 2022 Because Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Money Heist will be coming back to our screens in the form of a fifth season, thanks to Alex Pina, the show’s creator.

Fans of the show are eager to learn what will happen in the next season of the series. That is especially so how the characters’ stories evolve, especially the future of the professor after the jawdropping cliffhanger (being caught by Alicia).

Here are some of the current theories about La Casa de Papel:

Will There Be a Fifth Season?

The fourth season of Money Heist included eight new episodes. The freshly released fourth season aired on Netflix on April 3.

The fourth season of Money Heist was so amazing that the fans of the series can’t wait to know if and when a new season will air.

Officially, Netflix hasn’t made any announcement about the renewal of a new season of Money Heist.

However, it is pretty much guaranteed that there will be the fifth season of Money Heist. The series is an immense success, so neither Netflix nor the producers wouldn’t be keen on giving it up.

Also, the makers of the show have dropped some hints about its potential future.

What Might Happen In Season 5?

The fourth season of the series continued following the story from the past three seasons as well as the ongoing planning of the Bank of Spain heist.

Fans might be stunned to learn what role will Tatiana (Diana Gomez) could play. Will she admit that she is Sierra or will she say that she is her sister. How would that impact Berlin (Pedro Alonso)?

Stay tuned to learn more about what could the fifth season of Money Heist bring! It will undoubtedly be a total hit!



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