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Mission Impossible 7: Plot, Cast, and More

We already had the pleasure of enjoying six parts of the Mission Impossible series. The action movies are about spies and all sorts of dangerous missions. The movie’s main character is Ethan Hunt, played by the famous star Tom Cruise, who is also the co-producer. 

All six parts of the series were a success; therefore, Hollywood director Christopher Mcquarrie thought why not releasing another part. Mission impossible is back with a seventh part on November 19, 2021. 

Tom Cruise played the same role in all parts of the series. Therefore, fans are excited to see him back again. Is this man even aging? It doesn’t look like he does. The stuntman of Hollywood is ready to get back in action.

Mission Impossible 1 was released 25 years ago. Well, that’s something to be proud of. We are glad that our favorite IMF agent is back in business for the next part. The actor confirmed his role. The filming of Mission Impossible 7 was supposed to start this year in March. However, due to coronavirus, it was postponed. However, the team will be back on track starting in September 2020!

Mission Impossible 7 Plot

What is the upcoming movie about? According to McQuarrie, the story of the next movie came to him flowing like a river. The plot was created four weeks before the camera was to start rolling, joked the director.

“I moved an essential puzzle, and suddenly I was able to outline the entire story in eight minutes,” he stated as a guest in Empire podcast’s 400th episode.

We might see a different Ethan Hunt, according to McQuarrie. What did he mean by that, we have to wait and see. This info led some fans to think about a possible film in the Jack Reacher franchise. However, Mission Impossible 7 has Cruise in it, so no worries folks. 


The cast members are Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, and Vanessa Kirby. Esai Morales is Cruise’s enemy in the next action movie. 

P.S. Simon Pegg is getting an individual character arc for his role as Benji.



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