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Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Update Launched With A New Feature, Improvements, And Bug Fixes

Mobile gaming remains a popular hobby for many smartphone users, even in the case of casual titles, which are more relaxing. One of the most popular mobile titles is 8 Ball Pool, a mobile version of the popular game developed by Miniclip.

The title comes with a rich selection of features and a lovely gameplay experience that will convert even novice players into veterans in a short period. Billiard is one of the most popular bar games in the world, and 8 Ball Pool offers the chance to compete against millions of players from all over the world from the comfort of your own house.

Players can train and improve their skills in the practice arena, which offers the chance to try several strategies and discover the ones which work best for you. No two games are similar to thanks to the dynamic physics, but a trained player can easily defeat a novice by making strategic moves, which boost their chances to win the match.

Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Update Comes With Improvements

Showcase your skills in exciting one-o-one matches and earn valuable Pool coins that can be spent to acquire beautiful cosmetic items, among which we can count exclusive cues that favor specific styles of play. Pool Coins can also be spent to gain access to high-stakes matches, which grant bigger rewards but may also be more difficult to win.

It is always nice to play games with friends, and 8 Ball Pool comes with built-in social features that can be used to share the fun. Challenge friends to 1vs1 matches and enjoy fun matches at all times in a convenient and fun way. Friends can be added easily by signing-in with Facebook or a Miniclip account.

There is always something to do as the engaging progression system offers access to new locations and ranks as players increase their level. The new Miniclip 8 Ball Pool update will allow players to retain their progress in Win Streak events. Improvements and bug fixes were also implemented.



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