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Minecraft’s Latest Update Available with Cute Bees to Make Your World Better

It seems that the latest Minecraft Java edition comes with its surprises. In this case, bees.

Bees come as a new neutral mob which will make its existence by gathering pollen from their top flowers and getting back to their homes to make honey.

They are not going to hurt you unless you start the fight. But you know, as it happens in real life, these bees would also sting you and leave their needle behind. Then, they would die. You won’t get any kind of item out of them, so it basically means that you’d be destroying nature without a valid reason.

Their nests spawn in Sunflower Plains, Flower Forests and Plains. They even have their favorite flower, and they also share the location with other bees. We get that we have a happy family of bees, and you would not want to disturb them to get their blocks. You might want to use a tool that has a discreet touch, so that when you get the block, you won’t hurt the bees, or destroy the nest.

When it is raining, or when there’s night, the bees will chill in their nests. If you want them to chill when there’s a day outside, then you can put a campfire under their homes.

These bees are bound to help you with farming. They will pollinate your crops when they are getting back to their homes. You can also build a beehive if you want to have your own colony where you’re staying. You will be able to harvest their honey and take care of them altogether.

You need to know that there are five levels of honey, which show how much honey the nest has. After it reaches level 5, you will be able to harvest it by using an empty glass bottle. You can also get honeycomb if you shear a hive full of honey. You need that honeycomb if you want to create an artificial home for your beloved bees.



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