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Minecraft PE Tips: Best Way to Find Diamonds

If you play Minecraft, then you know that Diamonds are essential. They are used to craft weapons and equipment in the game. They are also tough to find. They are rare, and you need to patients to find them.

We are here to tell you some tips on how to find diamonds in Minecraft.

Be prepared to mine

First of all, craft an Iron Pickaxe – gold, stone or wood are a no-go. This way, you will get diamonds when you mine Diamond ore. If you want to create an Iron Pickaxe, you need two sticks and 3 Iron Ingots.

Then you need to gather food. Diamonds are usually found in the lowest levels of worlds, which means that you have ahead a long journey. Make sure you have just enough provisions to stay and keep mining, without dying of hunger.

You will also need to bring weapons. You will be in the deepest reaches of the Minecraft world, so you need to keep in mind that you will encounter some unusual situations. A good armor always comes in handy. Make sure you don’t forget your sword, either.

How to actually find the diamonds

For this, you need to be a good miner in the game. So go ahead and find a cave and mine. Make sure you hit bedrock – it’s the lowest you can get in the world. You will find diamonds in the layers 1-15, most of them of the 8th layer. Keep in mind that you don’t need to dig straight down, because you never know what’s underneath the blocks. There are pools of lava or dungeons, and you don’t want to go there.

Then start mining. Go back until you’re at the 8th level and start your mine. Make sure you dig a room of about two blocks tall, and four blocks long. Many players like to start the mine at the 11th layer. This way, you have a smaller chance of finding diamonds, you at least you’re sure you won’t get into a lava pit. Make sure you also have a place to store your diamonds – preferably, a chest in the central room of your mine.

Then you need to dig a corridor, that’s two blocks high and 50 blocks long – at least – in each direction.walk one of the corridors and then start mining to the left and right every six blocks.

Finding diamonds really depends on your luck. From now, you just need to keep digging.

You can always put some TNT or craft the Wither if you think you are too lazy to keep digging.



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