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Minecraft Dungeons Release Date News, Gameplay, Features, And More

Minecraft remains one of the most popular games out there. Minecraft Dungeons is an upcoming spin-off of the original title. The game’s fans are eager to try Minecraft Dungeons, and we now have some Minecraft Dungeons release date news, and other details about its gameplay, features, and more.

As we speak, Minecraft Dungeons is under development, so we’ll get a new version of the famous Minecraft game soon. However, not that soon, to be honest, as you’ll learn from this article.

Minecraft Dungeons Release Date News

As we’ve mentioned above, Mojang is already working on Minecraft Dungeons. Accordingly, we’ll soon have the chance to play the new Minecraft spin-off. But not that fast!

According to rumors, Minecraft Dungeons might launch in mid-2020. But, we don’t have the official confirmation from Mojang regarding the exact Minecraft Dungeons release date. As per some leaks, the Minecraft spin-off would launch in May of the next year.

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay

There are not many improvements in the gameplay fo Minecraft Dungeons. It looks similar to the original gameplay of the initial Minecraft release. However, the in-game environment, the locations, changes to match the storyline of Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons will feature the elements, monsters, and other items from the original Minecraft universe, and it will make available solo campaigns and four-person team matches.

Besides, the upcoming spin-off will sport new visual effects, landscapes to match the theme of the game, and a new, improved weapons system. That, among other novelties that we’ll learn as we are getting close to the Minecraft Dungeons release date.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer

Even though Mojang did not reveal when Minecraft Dungeons will launch, the devs released a Minecraft Dungeons trailer to show some details on the upcoming Minecraft spin-off.

Below, you can watch the trailer and see some of the novelties in Minecraft Dungeons:



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