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Minecraft Dungeons is Coming Soon – New Info From Developers

Minecraft was launched in 2011, and it proved to the world in all these years that a video game can have a significant fan base even if it doesn’t have stunning realistic graphics.

Minecraft Dungeons is a new action-adventure game set in the Minecraft Universe, and it’s expected to be released during the second quarter of the next year. A new YouTube video released today (October 25) by Minecraft’s channel is telling us more about the game: who is making it, how fun will it be, what’s the purpose of its existence, and so on.

Developers wanted to bring a new perspective for the Minecraft games, adding the possibility of exploring environments otherwise than just building them. Nevertheless, they admit that the core Minecraft is also remaining a significant influence on their new game.


Unlike the traditional Minecraft, Dungeons will make the player explore random generated monsters, traps, puzzles, and find treasures. There will be no building, crafting, or destroying blocks.

Sounds boring to you? Well, keep in mind that you’ll also have the chance to go for the multiplayer mode with your friends, co-workers, neighbors, or foes.

Also, another gameplay reveal trailer has been released to the public during E3 back in June. Once again the gameplay looks simply awesome, and it’s kind of having a Super Mario vibe:



Dungeons is developed by Mojang under the creative director Mans Olsen, using Unreal Engine for the engine. It was announced a month ago that Double Eleven would be working on adding the game to the consoles.

It’s safe to assume that Minecraft fans and other gamers as well are eager to play the future game since the video above has already reached over seven thousand likes and more than fifty-four thousand views.

Minecraft Dungeons will be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.



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