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Migrant Mexican caravan to take a temporary halt to U.S. post abduction of a child

The coordinators for the caravan consisting of thousands of migrants from Central America moving via Southern Mexico recently urged their members to put a temporary halt to their move on Sunday. Initially, the migrants stuck to their decision of pressing on their journey anyway. However, later on, the crowd changed its decision post being notified that apparently a child was abducted from their congregation.

The migrants commented that a meeting shall be conducted on Sunday at Tapanatepec. During the latter half of Saturday night, this group comprised of migrants was running all through the streets of the town stating that a child has been taken away from one of the parents who participated in this group movement.

After this group was delayed for some hours given the halt placed in by federal police to their exit on Saturday morning from Arriaga town, the migrants eventually arrived at Tapanatepec distorted due to the soaring heat. Dozens of these migrants went down to Novillero River in order to bathe while others lined all around the medical station to seek help for their feet battered due to the extreme heat.

This was for the first time that a subsidiary of federal government was directly helping these migrants advance forth rather than pitching in efforts to diminish progress of the caravan. Grupo Beta which is a protection agency for migrants at Mexico gave the much needed ride to these stragglers while passing out water to the needy ones.

Currently, it seems that the government at Mexico is perplexed when it comes to decision making. The government is unable to decide whether it is right to halt the travelers from crossing the U.S. borders or letting them burnish the internationally accepted human rights.

With these movements in the hind sight, the U.S. President Donald Trump went on to urge the Mexican government to prevent this caravan from entering the borders. The police however allowed the caravan to proceed forth after the representatives coming down from National Human Rights Commission based in Mexico convinced them. The team stated that halting the progress of these migrants at the rural stretch comprised of highways that lack shade with no water or proper toilets was a rather harsh eventuality for them.

Trump administration has been requesting the caravan to refrain from entering the country and opt to enter via the legal process of visa and citizenship like several other countries do.



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