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Microsoft’s Main Browser Becomes a Lot Better with The Edge 85 Update

The Microsoft Edge browser was introduced for the first time in 2015 for Windows 10, and it was intended as a suitable replacement for the old Internet Explorer. Even though it’s now the subject for a lot of mocking memes online, Explorer was a faithful companion for many of us back in the old days of Windows XP dominance.

But Microsoft Edge slowly became one of the most reliable browsers out there, granting hope that it will even surpass Chrome or Mozilla Firefox one day. And that moment might finally be here, as Microsoft released a brand new update for its browser.

Beware of Web Capture

This is one of the new features in Edge, as it allows the user to take a screenshot of a webpage, either in full or cropped and then copy it to the clipboard. Feel free to see a sample of the feature below:

The good news is far from over, as Microsoft also improved its browser with the ability to send Edge collections to One Note, Word, and Excel. Synchronizing browser favorites and settings between Active Directory profiles and within the user’s own environment (no need for cloud sync) is also an interesting addition.

Although Microsoft Edge is currently among the best browsers out there, we should consider ourselves lucky to have so many suitable alternatives available. We have the good old Chrome from Google, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Phoenix, Brave, and many others. Pretty much any browser out there has its own particularities, and the user has to be aware of them – because you know – who knows what he could miss.

In the same year when it was released for Windows 10 (2015), Microsoft Edge also arrived for Xbox One. The next step was the availability for Android and iOS in 2017. In 2019, Edge arrived for macOS.



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