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Microsoft Windows 7 Shuts Down Support For Internet Explorer

Just a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft rolled out the latest Patch Tuesday Update for devices running Windows 7. The variant of Windows has now officially reached the end of official support on January 15th, which definitely means that it is time for fans of Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

The option of purchasing a new machine that runs Windows 10 is the second alternative. Otherwise, they will keep using a vulnerable version of the operating system, and nowadays, anyone can easily take advantage of the flaws that exist in Windows 7 devices.

Even though Microsoft has already released Chromium Edge, there are numerous individual and enterprise users who are still operating Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7. The tech giant has now, however, announced that the browser is not supported by them anymore.

Microsoft Windows 7 shut down support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft now advises its users to install the new Microsoft Edge; if you head to the IE 11 download page now, there is an option to download the new Microsoft Edge​. The tech giant has already revealed its intent to slowly roll out the new Microsoft Edge​ browser through Windows updates. Even so, we shall see whether Microsoft intends to follow this behavior for Windows 7 machines as well.

This statement came immediately after Microsoft ​announced its plans to fix an Internet Explorer security bug in the browser. As a matter of fact, attackers were already exploiting the weakness to hit with ‘limited, targeted attacks’ the Windows machines.

Taking into consideration the dangers associated with the newly found vulnerability, Windows 7 users should switch as soon as possible to the new Microsoft ​Edge. If you are not prepared to use Microsoft ​Edge, you can also pick between a third-party browser, like Google’s Chrome.



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