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Microsoft Surface Duo: Honest Review

Microsoft Surface Duo is a new foldable device announced on October 2, 2019. What we are curious to know is how the device is working. However, there is a big difference between the first and latest reviews. It seems like the Surface Duo has many issues and bugs. 

It’s actually a bit shocking to see how many bugs it has. Therefore we have a few things to point out to help you get an idea. First of all, the Microsoft Surface Duo score is very low. Android Authority gave it 2.5/5, The Verge 6/10, and Engadget 71. Overall, people are not happy with this product.

It’s a bit odd that the manufacturing company was in a rush to get this product out. Although Microsoft is currently rolling out fixes, why not stay with the original Holiday 2020 plan? The software experience is far away from excellent.

One of the key specs of any device is the camera. Nowadays, this detail is very important, so looking at the Microsoft Surface Duo camera, I see nothing special. Some reviewers are ok with this camera; however, others are slightly more straight about this subject like The Verge, for example. “The Surface Duo’s camera is trash,” they said. For a $1,400 device, I totally understand their point of view. 

However, leaving the negativeness behind, the Microsoft Surface Duo received some positive reviews as well. Its new form factor is appealing. Maybe in the future, Microsoft could turn it into a portable tablet or even a booklet. It could work out as a mini-computer just fine. 

Unfortunately, the overall feeling about the Microsoft Surface Duo is negative. Many people are disappointed, including one of Android’s co-founders. The device is not comfortable to use, and adding the software bugs on top makes it look bad. 

Microsoft Surface Duo’s Future

If the company is serious about the Surface Duo and continues to improve the software, I see potential. Not to say that Microsoft is a big company and has all the resources needed. Therefore, the first-generation device could be a huge success if the company is committed to the project. 

Who knows? Maybe 2021 will surprise us with faster software, smoother experience, and fewer bugs. If Microsoft is dropping the Surface Duo device’s cost, we might find ourselves with a great deal. A more affordable price will definitely attract more consumers. 

However, at the moment, Microsoft Surface Duo gets thumbs down. It’s crazy the company is actually letting the world see it as it is. We do want to see Surface Duo 2, but only when it’s not ready. 




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