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Microsoft Shows Us The Dual Screen Devices Surface Neo And Surface Duo

The engineers from Microsoft work very hard for their products, and the huge company will bring in 2020 even more impressive hardware to the stores. Among them, there is Surface Neo, a dual-screen notebook with an external keyboard and Surface Duo, which is a foldable smartphone. Microsoft recently showed us the beautiful gadgets during the Surface Hardware Event.

It’s a real surprise that Microsoft decided to reveal upcoming material in its early stages, but perhaps the company just wanted to boast a bit. Some say that by this decision, officials of the Washington-based company wanted to provide enough time to the web developers and programmers to create fully responsive apps for the future folded devices.

Surface Neo

The device will have two nine-inch displays latched on a hinge of 360-degree, which allows it to be folded in half anytime the user wants.


How can you not love it? Isn’t it a beauty? The Surface Neo can be used in landscape mode but also in portrait, which allows users to use it as a book. The second screen can be folded around to the back to use the phone as a tablet. The gadget seems perfect for reading e-books or articles from

Another interesting aspect is that you can use Microsoft’s creation to open different apps on each screen. Of course, you can also use a single app on both screens when you unfold the device.

It even has a keyboard

If you are more like the old-fashioned kind of guy or gal, you can always attach a Bluetooth-based keyboard magnetically to Surface Neo. Some people just don’t like the touch-screen and prefer the real physical buttons, although it may sound very odd.

Surface Duo

It’s a lot similar to Surface Neo, with two 5.6-inch displays and a lot of the other exciting stuff. It’s not really a phone, according to a surprising claim by Microsoft. But you can surely use it like one since it can make phone calls and it runs Android.

The idea of foldable screen is not really new. Samsung also released such a device – the Galaxy Fold, a $2000 gadget. The price is way too high for its fragileness, according to the critics. Let’s hope it’s not also the case for Microsoft’s future devices.



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