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Microsoft Partially Revealed Its Surface Duo

There is no doubt that foldable devices are the next smartphones generation. This year’s March will bring the Motorola Razr and the Galaxy Z Flip to light. Microsoft is also preparing software for these clamshell devices, formed with the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo. Surface Duo surfaced the internet already, and it definitely has a long way until ready to go officially live.

Microsoft already disclosed working prototypes of the two folding devices. Therefore there is very small uncertainty it actually works, let alone exists. A new rumor has it that there will be an LED flash. The LED flash idea is actually pretty cool as it is rumored to allow you to have it either front or back-facing, depending on how you hold the smartphone.

Although the upcoming Microsoft software is just work in progress, it already raised the question of it being good enough for these next-gen devices. The company has recently given Android app developers an emulator and SDK to assist with the the Surface Duo concept. The video reveals the user using the gadget’s software live, and it helps us see the long way Microsoft has to go on its end for this to work correctly.

Surface Duo operating system

The Android apps appear to run smoothly on the device in several modes, whether spanning both devices or in the landscape while gaming. Nevertheless, it seems that the user of the upcoming operating system has some problems with the gestures. It looks like the system doesn’t work correctly in terms of the screen of the device when it comes to pull down the navigation panel or pull up the home screen in some scenarios.

We are curious to see how Microsoft will pull it off as its target is really the end of the year. However, by the look of things, it seems that the company wants to launch the Surface Duo operating system much earlier than planned. Microsoft might release the new operating system at the same time as the upcoming Windows 10X Surface Neo. However, we don’t know anything about Windows 10X Surface Neo so far.



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