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Microsoft Might Use Windows 10X Instead of Android for Surface Duo

Microsoft has taken a decision. They want to install Android on the Surface Duo, which definitely took us by surprise since most people were sure that the company was done with mobile hardware. If we carefully look at these things, it seems that Microsoft Windows 10X still wants to be a part of the mobile device world, even if it has its own operating system optimized for dual-screen devices. Microsoft will use Android for the Surface Duo device, and they want to release it next year.

Users are asking Microsoft to give up this idea and go for Windows 10X for their phones, with the dual-screen platform, which would make more sense for their mobile phones.

Microsoft Might Use Windows 10X Instead of Android for Surface Duo

There’s a concept on the internet, published by a Reddit user, which describes DuoX Mobile, an idea that shows how Windows 10X would work and look on Surface Duo. You need to keep in mind that’s just a concept, and for sure, everything looks good, and the Windows 10X user interface would be more accessible on a mobile device, but it’s just a rumor for now. Microsoft will decide if this is what they should do, and it does not seem that they want to give up Android.

This concept is using all the elements that make the difference with Windows 10, like modern icons, the fantastic design, with the acrylic in the notification center and dark themes, and light themes. By using Windows 10X to power, a mobile device would also mean that Microsoft could achieve better consistency and better synchronization between devices. Microsoft did not say anything about any other mobile plans, besides the Surface Duo, which means that there is still hope that Windows 10X will make it to the device.



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