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Microsoft: June big Xbox 20/20 moment not happening

We are all excited to see the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft shares its plans for releasing the upcoming Xbox series X console in a series of so-called “monthly moments.” Or at least they are trying to do that. In May, the company released the episode of Inside Xbox, which focuses on third-party games. On the other, the plan for July is to share more details about the next-gen games from Microsoft’s own studios. But what about June?

June Xbox 20/20 “moment”

Microsoft’s event from May was quite criticized. However, the company admitted it had “set some wrong expectations.” On the other hand, it looks like the company has nothing in plan for this month that is just about to end. There is no information regarding the next-gen console. Will Microsoft reveal something about Xbox Series X tomorrow? Probably not.

According to Xbox marketing exec Aaron Greenberg, “June news will be done differently than [an] Inside Xbox show.” Now, this information is not very clear. It could mean a lot of things.

This month, all we heard from Microsoft about the upcoming console is a recapping of all details in a series of Xbox Wire blogs. The information is about features we knew about already, like game optimization on Xbox Series X and Smart Delivery, for example. Nothing we haven’t heard before. The only piece of information that was new is about the end of the streaming service Mixer, which wasn’t really a surprise. Mixer users will move to Facebook Gaming instead.

The second Xbox Series S version

It could be that Microsoft was planning on revealing its second upcoming console this month. However, as we all know, the company did not even acknowledge that the lower-powered Xbox Series S (codenamed Lockhart) exists. There is much much information about this console on the internet that simply can’t ignore. But, we still have to wait for Microsoft to address the elephant in the room.

Xbox Series S was supposed to be revealed during the Xbox’s big E3 2020 event. But the show was canceled due to the current world situation. If the conference were still taking place, we would have seen a proper comparison between the sophisticated and powerful Xbox Series X and the cheaper version. However, this won’t happen.

Since the E3 event is off and the lockdown put its mark on various internal game projects, it became crystal clear that the company will need to manage this situation somehow. Therefore, showing both its boxes and upcoming games all at the same time was no longer possible. All of the company’s plans had to be rescheduled. Hence, Microsoft is spreading its reveals over a longer timescale, which is called Xbox 20/20.

What happened to June’s announcement?

According to Venturebeat’s Jeff Grubb, the company is moving June’s announcement to August. This could mean that Xbox Series S will finally arrive. Greenberg had chosen his words very carefully when he said the company had “not pushed anything back.” It looks like the next big digital show is still July.

Is Series S still June’s announcement after Xbox 20/20 was detailed, or not? It seems that Microsoft won’t share any big news this month. On the other hand, others in Microsoft are saying June was always planned to be quieter. Plus, all this quietness could be because the company changes its plans yet again to accommodate the real-world events dominating headlines. This plan would make total sense.

Nobody can control global events; however, Microsoft can adapt its marketing schedule to the current situation. But since there is no update this month on its June Xbox 20/20 “moment”… we don’t know what to expect. The company refuses to comment further.

Therefore everyone is expecting to see the big reveal during Microsoft’s July Xbox 20/20 show. The reveal of that second box is more likely to deliver in August.



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