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Amazing New Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the longest-running, best-known, and most comprehensive home flight simulator programs that are currently available on the market. And now, the company revealed new content! The new screenshots for Microsoft Flight Simulator are now available on the internet.

These screenshots are spectacular! The level of excellence of the sea swells and splendid clouds is just incredible. It is also something expected since the screenshots are part of the alpha build. Truly amazing job done there!

What really stands out is the header screenshot. Looking at this particular part, you can notice the incredible graphic work. Moving forward to the second screenshot, here is where you can see amazing sea waves. In other words, these two screenshots alone prove why Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to have success. The graphics look stunning, and I can’t wait to see the final result, to be honest.

The upcoming Flight Simulator from Microsoft will offer the player amazing game experience. The graphics of the game is very realistic, so it will feel like literally flying. The aircraft has stunning details. It sure looks very similar to the real world.

Plus, the game offers more! Players will have the option to create their flight plans. And, all they have to do next is to fly anywhere around the planet. However, it won’t always be nice and easy. To make the game more challenging, developers will introduce day/night environments, as well as adverse weather conditions.

There is also another important detail I want to mention. Microsoft has released a new Alpha build. Yes, the new build is now available, and the company is sending out invitations. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your inbox!

The below images are thanks to the following alpha members: ExpressTomato52, Trainplane3, OperatorLand468, WhiteLight506, ImRealSerial, PlumbingStar6, SoapyDiamond333, and WoodedCoot31410.





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