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Microsoft Edge is Coming to Linux

Microsoft’s Edge browser released for Windows 10 in 2015 continues to gain ground, as it can be a suitable alternative to Google Chrome for many users. Edge even has several features that sets it apart from Chrome – better privacy settings and using less of the computer’s resources, just to mention the highlights.

Microsoft Edge is now preparing its arrival for the Linux platform, as the new Chromium-powered version of the browser will become available as a developer preview build.

Edge arrives for Linux in October

Getting your hands on the new Microsoft Edge is simple: you just have to download it from the Edge Insider’s website or grab it from Linux‘s package manager.

Although Microsoft Edge came preinstalled on the Windows 10 operating system, the software can also be downloaded for the good old Windows 7. Here’s what Microsoft has to say about the availability for the outdated operating system:

Just as a reminder, while Microsoft Edge will help keep you more secure on the web, your PC may still be vulnerable to security risks. Microsoft recommends that you move to a supported operating system and the new Microsoft Edge can help. Make the transition easier by importing your favorites and passwords so they’ll be there whenever you sign in to your Windows 10 PC.

The Edge browser continues to receive plenty of love from Microsoft, as the Redmond-based company recently added enhanced control for the user’s downloads within the browser itself. More precisely, the users are now able to choose to run, download, save to the default folder, or even specify a new saving location. This only applies when the user is performing downloads. The new changes became available in Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary versions beyond 87.0.629.0. Last but not least, the user can even delete the file directly from the downloads menu of the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge is also available for Xbox One, Android, iOS, and macOS.



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