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Microsoft Confirms Significant Feature of Xbox Series X

Pretty soon, you might be looking at your Xbox One console like it’s nothing, although you spent hundreds of hours while playing on it. No disrespect for Xbox One, which is a magnificent creation, but the next-generation Xbox console will be vastly superior.

Xbox Series X is its name, and making gamers extremely happy is its game. It lands on stores near the end of the year when Santa Claus will reward those kids who were behaving well.

The audio will be improved on Xbox Series X

Microsoft will be the host of a session at the 2020 Game Developers Conference from San Francisco. It’s called “Building Audio Gateways Into Immersive Worlds With Spatial Sound.” If this is not convincing enough, the official description says the following:

Learn from the audio designers of Borderlands 3 and Gears of War 5 around how a collaboration between Microsoft, Dolby, and our middleware partners kicked off a revolution with spatial sound that turns any pair of headphones into a multi-dimensional gateway to another world. Attendees will dive deep into the audio design pipeline (Project Acoustics) and the relationship to dedicated hardware-acceleration on newer generation Xbox consoles.

There you have it, the confirmation of hardware acceleration. However, plenty of other features are coming to the Xbox Series X console, and they will take gaming at a whole new level. 8K resolution, 120 FPS, the elimination of loading times due to a next-generation SSD, and more had been confirmed by Microsoft during the official announcement that the new console is coming. Also, it’s very unlikely that Xbox Series X won’t be capable of running games available for the previous Xbox models.

Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be launched around the Holidays of the current year, and we don’t have an exact release date nor what their prices shall be.



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