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Microsoft Azure Update For Android Brings UI Enhancements And Other Improvements

Microsoft Azure is an umbrella term for a rich selection of cloud computing services that are offered by the Redmond company. Among the available features, we can count the ability to create, customize, test, and deploy apps and services by accessing data centers offered by Microsoft.

An initial version of the service was released in 2010 under the name of Windows Azure, but Microsoft decided to rebrand the service like Microsoft Azure in 2014. While some were skeptical about the potential of the venture, Microsoft continued to fund and refine the project, anticipating the future popularity of cloud-based computing services.

Microsoft Azure’s features

Thanks to the high-power data centers operated by Microsoft, those who opt for the service will gain the ability to enhance an active network with cloud computing features or to opt for an Infrastructure as a Service pack, which ensures that all the essential tasks are handled directly by the tech giant.

These are some of the activities and applications that can be implemented with the help of Microsoft Azure:

  • Create virtual machines based on Windows or Linux with a few clicks by choosing from several templates or create custom builds which suit your specific needs.
  • Track the deployment, performance, and development of web applications dynamically and opt for the APIs, which reduce development times and make your apps even better.

What’s new in the Microsoft Azure update?

Those who opt for a Microsoft Azure package can also gain access to the Microsoft Azure app. It is is an excellent tool for many users, with a prime advantage being represented by the ability to track resources from your mobile device without the need to have a direct connection to the relevant network.

Users will also receive relevant updates about the state of select applications. Corrective actions can be taken quickly, as the app can be used to stop and restart virtual machines and web apps. The Microsoft Azure update comes with bug fixes and UI enhancements.



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