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Meet LG’s New ‘Velvet’ Smartphone – Details and Video

The Asian smartphone manufacturers are continuing to grow, as companies like Samsung, Huawei, or Oppo are providing the world their best material. In this picture, the South Korean brand LG shouldn’t be left aside. Last weekend, the company released a video and within it presented the ‘Velvet’ smartphone (the one from above).

While you may be surprised by the name of the phone, well, you should be. LG announced that along with this new gadget, the brand is moving away from alphanumerical designations, which is a smart move. Let’s face it: it’s easier to memorize a name that actually means something rather than randomly added numbers and digits. Furthermore, the impact is stronger in the first case.

Snapdragon 765 processor

The Snapdragon 765 processor is a pretty powerful one, as it’s very popular in China. There’s no wonder why since this piece of technology is able to maintain the fastest speeds possible for a smartphone.

As for the design, the phone looks pretty and should be comfortable in any hand. The front of the device has a U-shaped notch along with slim bezels, which is not surprising at all for a smartphone nowadays. Some might complain about the notch, but you know what they say: you just can’t have them all in life. The rear of the LG Velvet phone is packing three camera lenses.

Release date

The Korean media claims that the phone will be out on May 15. We have all the reasons to rely on this information, although LG doesn’t mention a release date. Instead, the South Korean giant says that the device is coming soon.

As LG doesn’t reveal anything regarding the specs and price, as well, we can only be eager to see the phone on the market ASAP. Surely the South Korean company doesn’t plan to stop with its Velvet phone, as it will release other models in the near future like LG G9 ThinQ, LG V60 ThinQ, or LG K41S.

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