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Massive Update for GTA Online Brings New Cars, Discounts, Rewards, and More

Rockstar Games is proving once more that the Grand Theft Auto series can be a load of fun even without the upcoming GTA 6. While the internet is flooded with rumors about how GTA 6 will be and how it will not be, the good ol’ GTA 5 keeps getting updates. More precisely, it’s the online version that received a major update yesterday, February 20.

Unfortunately, there’s also some bad news landed along with the new update: you can’t get your hands anymore on those shiny diamonds from the Diamond Casino Heist. An update made on Valentine’s Day rewarded those players who were completing the heist to get diamonds instead of the classic $2.1 million in-game money. Now, Rockstar pulled off the reward, which means that you won’t get the diamonds anymore.

Formula 1 cars added

The Casino podium receives the first Formula 1 car of GTA. To drive the beauty, you just have to spin the Lucky Wheel and hope that luck is on your side.

Also, a newly added car is the Blista Kanjo, and it’s available to buy for $580,000. The new set of wheels is available in Southern San Andreas Super Autos selection.


The Premium Race for this week is the Downtown Underground. Also, the RC Time Trial has the Great Ocean Highway and Construction Site II selected.

Discounts over discounts

GTA Online has lowered the prices of many items available to buy in the game, such as properties,  guns, cars, and more:

  • Taipan: 40% discount
  • All ammo: 35% discount
  • Shotguns: 40% discount
  • All Grenades and Heavy Weapons– 40% discount
  • Clubhouses: 40% discount
  • Yachts: 35% discount
  • Special Cargo Warehouses: 35% discount
  • All Garages: 35% discount
  • Zentorno: 40% discount
  • Insurgent: 35% discount
  • Khanjali: 35% discount
  • Executive Offices and renovations: 40% discount
  • Office Garages and renovations: 40% discount
  • Armored Kuruma: 35% discount
  • Strikeforce: 35% discount
  • Oppressor: 40% discount
  • Luxor (+Deluxe): 40% discount
  • X80 Proto: 40% discount

Therefore, you should forget GTA 6, at least for now. GTA 5 is still heavily loaded with fun gameplay, and it keeps becoming better.



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