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Mario Kart Tour Will Be Free To Play, But It Will Come With In-App Purchases

Probably every single gamer on the planet has his nostalgia when it comes to the famous Mario character since the beloved character has been seen for the first time on the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System, the 8-bit console released over three decades ago. It was the birth of gaming itself for many people, but since then, gaming and also Nintendo evolved tremendously. Therefore, we will have the privilege to see the Japan-based company creating a more 2019 version of Mario, and this time it points out to the smartphones via Mario Kart Tour.

The new game is Mario Kart Tour

The new game that Nintendo is preparing for us is Mario Kart Tour, a pleasant and enjoyable little creation which users of Android and iOS can also play it with just one hand.

Racing games regarding the famous and funny little plumber don’t represent something new for the gaming world. Therefore the developers from Nintendo decided to bring the new Mario Kart Tour a few features from other similar games. Still, the game will have brand new tracks to explore by Mario’s little car, inspired by real cities, and who knows what else.

Mario Kart Tour Release Date

Mario Kart Tour is expected to be released on September 25, so fans of the famous little plumber have very few time to wait. Console fans may be disappointed about the fact that Nintendo will release the new Mario game on smartphones only, but objectively speaking it’s not a wrong decision made by the Japan-based company since smartphones are becoming more popular than ever.

And after all, Nintendo is getting some good earnings since the launch of its Switch console two years ago. Some reliable sources claimed that it was the best-selling console in 2018 and so far in 2019.

Mario Kart Tour is free, but with in-app purchases

You will be able to install the new Mario Kart Tour game on your smartphone for free, but Nintendo will rely on in-app purchases which require players to reach for their credit card.

“The game [Mario Kart Tour] will be free to start, but then there will be in-app purchases. Like other Nintendo mobile games, it’s expected there will be an in-game currency to download new tracks and characters, as well as a limit on how long you can play before you have to purchase more time,” said Patrick O’Rourke, tech analyst and managing editor of MobileSyrup.



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