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Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Full Version Will Launch This Week

Back in September 2019, we witness the launch of Nintendo’s mobile Kart racer Mario Kart Tour. The game was well-received and appreciated, but it was missing an essential feature. The multiplayer option didn’t make it to the initial launch, but now, developers are introducing it next month. So, after many beta tests, the feature is finally fully developed and ready to kick in Mario Kart Tour. Nintendo confirmed recently that the mode would be globally from March 8, starting at 11 PM EST.

The news of the multiplayer feature arriving in the Mario Kart Tour series soon was published on Nintendo’s official website. Two pictures were also posted alongside the announcement with a few modes available for players.

“Race against players worldwide to raise your grade under rules that change daily in Standard Races and Gold Races. When racing friends or others nearby, Rooms let you pick speed, item slot number, and more,” reads the full announcement released by Nintendo on its official website.

About Mario Kart Tour

As can be seen from the pictures posted on Twitter, Mario Kart Tour’s mode will be divided into three tiers. The first one has been dubbed Gold Class and is rated as the most prestigious, is available only for players with a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscriptions.

In the second image, there are details about each mode’s rules. The casual mode, for example, provides players the skill to tweak rulesets with a level of modification that resembles one from the mainline console versions.

Mario Kart Tour is one of the Nintendo’s most praised mobile games. It is so successful that it recorded an incredible amount of 20 million downloads in only 24 hours, according to Sensor Tower Intelligence.



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