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Mario becomes Link in The New Update for Super Mario Maker 2 – Watch Trailer

Whether you like Super Mario or not, you have to admit his crucial importance in the gaming industry. He is one of the most iconic game characters from all time, and many people have started their gaming journey with him on those legendary Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) consoles. The developers know this pretty well, and even nowadays, they keep coming up with related material for the fans to enjoy.

Super Mario Maker 2 has been released in the middle of 2019, and it already has made itself plenty of fans. But with the newest update, you could say that the game becomes more like Super Zelda Maker 2.

The update arrives on Thursday

The funny little plumber can become the well-known Link character from Zelda after the update, a transformation that gives him new powers. If you thought that eating a mushroom or getting the shiny flower is a good enough move for Mario, just wait to see what happens when he becomes Link.

Nintendo UK even released a trailer on Twitter that describes pretty well the new update for Super Mario Maker 2:

Mario will have the possibility to find the sword power-up, which allows him to make his way among enemies with much more ease. The iconic flesh-eating plants and other hideous creatures will be defeated like they’re nothing once Mario brings up his newfound sword. Also, the funny little plumber will gain access to other weapons from the Zelda series, like bombs, bow and arrow, and also a shield to block unwanted guests.

New enemies are also coming

The good news doesn’t stop at Mario becoming Link from the legendary Zelda series. The new update for Super Mario Maker 2 also brings new foes in the game, and also some blocks for users to build new levels. Last but not least, the game will receive a new mode called Ninji speedruns that will have courses for the gamers to compete in.

Are you already eager to get the new update?

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