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Madden 21: Xbox One owners get free upgrade

Madden 21 is coming on the next-gen Xbox Series X. The news is finally officially confirmed. Not to say that Xbox One owner of the game will automatically receive a free upgrade on the latest console model. 

During the Xbox event, EA has dropped the good news about the upcoming American football video game. Plus, they also rolled out a trailer of the game, so take a peek in the video below:  

As you can see in the video above, the upcoming video game features photorealistic design. Those features put the Xbox series X capabilities on a stage. As the next-gen console from Microsoft supports a High-end level graphic cards and processors, the game experience should be absolutely spotless and smooth. 

Madden 21: release date

The upcoming game will arrive on the Xbox One platform in August 2020. That’s about four months before the release of the console beast, Xbox Series X. Looking back at the Madden games’ history, we can see that most of them came out together with the new generation of gaming consoles. Therefore, the release of this game does not come as a surprise. Madden will be the first to hit shelves!

Madden 21 expectations

What to expect from the upcoming game? In the past few years, we see developers focusing more on the game’s graphics than the actual gameplay. Will this video game revolutionize the game industry? Probably not, but it could definitely showcase a new capability.

If you are interested in the game, you can find it at 8K. From the trailer, we notice the nice authentic crowd coupled by coaching staff react in real-time to the scene taking place on the playground, which is quite impressive. I think the game’s new slogan fits just right: “feel next level.” Are you ready to feel the next level? This game is mainly focusing on the Visuals.



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