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Lost in Space Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and More

The first season of Lost in Space was released on Netflix two years ago. Soon after release, it started to gain a lot of popularity around the world. The series is about the Robinson family, who get lost in space, hence the title. The second season aired on December 24, last year. People are in love with the American science fiction television series and eagerly waiting for the third season. 

Lost in Space Season 3

But the real question is: will there be a season 3? If we look at the story, the answer is yes. We have heard the next season was already in development ever since releasing the second one. Netflix also confirmed the upcoming season, so all we need to do now is wait. 

“They sort of permit you to write on it and they don’t give you with the green light until after the series comes out,” said co-writer Burk Sharpless. “But it’s pretty good so they’re gonna.” 

Lose in Space Season 3 Release Date

Based on the first and second season release date, we assume the third season will come out in 2021. One thing worth mentioning is that the series features three seasons only. Therefore, Lost in Space Season 3 is the final season. 

Lost in Space 3 Plot 

So far, the story shows a series of unfortunate events that split the Robinson family. After the robots attack, Judy is the only one remaining on the spacecraft called Jupiter 2. As the captain, she needs to fly the team safely back to Alpha Centauri. However, the parents of the family are fighting the robots and win with the help of Scarecrow. Therefore, season 3 will continue the story of the Robinsons with more intriguing events.

Are you excited about Lost in Space Season 3? Let us know what you think will happen in the upcoming season. 




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