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LINE Antivirus 2.0.2 Update is Now Live with Enhanced Internet Security and New Features

Since we spend so much time online it has become quite easy to forget that the internet is not always a safe place. You never know on which websites you might end up and if they are safe or filled with malware, adware or even ransomware. This is why people should always make sure to install a premium antivirus, especially on your smartphone because that is the device where people keep their most private data such as family photos, phone contacts and even work notes.

On the bright side of things, there are tens of professional antiviruses that we can pick from and LINE Antivirus is one of the best ones that you can download for free. LINE Antivirus will protect your smartphone at all times and more importantly, it will give you access to lots of useful features that will help you stay safe on the web.

LINE Antivirus 2.0.2 Update

Despite being a free to download app, LINE Antivirus still benefits from full-fledged developer support. The reason why this matters is because the developers who are in charge of the antivirus are constantly releasing updates that introduce major software improvements. The latest update for LINE Antivirus sports the 2.0.2 version number and it comes a handful of tweaks and bug fixes that are taking its performances to the next level.

Improved Mobile Security

LINE Antivirus users should be pleased to find out that the new 2.0.2 update focuses on improving the overall security that the antivirus offers. Therefore, downloading the latest update for LINE Antivirus should be a top priority to all users. Now, let’s check out the top three features that the new update introduces.

Top Three Features

  • Cloud Engine

LINE Antivirus offers a cloud engine that can be used to detect viruses much faster than usual.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

After enabling the real-time monitoring feature, LINE Antivirus will never have to worry about getting viruses on their smartphones.

  • One-Touch Optimization

The last feature that we want to present is the one-touch optimization. This feature will automatically clean a smartphone’s usage history and RAM.



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