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LG G6 Gets a New Android Pie Beta Update Before the Global Release

The LG G6 was one of the best devices of 2017, attracting praise from owners and reviewers alike.

Many praised the looks of the device, which offered a clean and beautiful design, but some were disappointed by some rather uninspired decisions made by the manufacturer. While other 2017 flagships sported the Snapdragon 835, LG decided to retain the Snapdragon 2021, which was released in 2016. This was already a big disadvantage for the smartphone.

Some potential customers may have decided to pick something else due to the unexpectedly high price at the time of release. While some anticipated a price tag ranging between $500 to $600, LG wanted more and slapped a $720 price tag, at least for those who decided to get it from AT&T.

The lower specs and high price made an unremarkable choice in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which featured a superior design, the world-famous AMOLED panel, and a better processor for the same price tag.

In recent months the device is considerably cheaper, but a new problem has surfaced: delayed updates. An anticipated Android Pie update should have been delivered several weeks ago but it is still in limbo. Select sources argued that LG,  not release the update but it seems that they were wrong as a new report states that a fresh Android Pie beta update is available for Korean testers.

While the beta program is available in other countries the update was released for the Korean version of the device, which is also known as model LGMG600L.  The new update moves the current software version from V20q to V30b, and some voices claim that it may be the last beta update before a stable version, released.

LG has announced in the past that Android Pie update will be the last major update for the device but security updates will be available in the future.



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