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Buy Lenovo’s New Smart Frame for 50% Off

Lenovo will soon release a new Smart Frame. The elegant digital display was showcased at the CES 2020 conference. The upcoming Smart Frame is expected to launch in August for 399 dollars. However, the company is opening up pre-orders early. Now, almost four months earlier, consumers can pre-order the new Smart Frame on Indiegogo. Plus, you get an amazing 50% discount for pre-ordering this innovative product. 

Smart Frame design

The upcoming Smart Frame has a nice midcentury modern kind of design. It is a beautifully made digital photo frame, and it has other amazing features besides the good looks. This device features a 21.9-inch 1080p display finalized by an anti-glare coating. Lenovo’s job on the matte screen touch gives the digital frame a similar hung art design. 

Smart Frame features

In terms of features, the new smart digital device looks very promising. This product features smart sensors that will adjust the light and color tones in accordance with the room the Smart Frame is in. The sensors will adjust the brightness and temperature of its display to create a more pleasurable ambient in the room. 

However, that’s not all. The new device from Lenovo also comes with a motion sensor at its front. This front sensor will allow you to change the photos via gestures. All you need to do is wave at the Smart Frame, and the photo will change. 

Lenovo also incorporated 2-watt speakers and a microphone in the upcoming model. This will allow the smart device to open the door to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration down the line. 

However, we understand why you wouldn’t hurry up and buy this product. Most people choose to be more practical and wait for a full review before commencing with the payment even when it comes to the half price of just 200 dollars. But, this product looks amazing so far, so if you are pleased by the current specs, I don’t see the point in hesitating.  



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