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Lenovo Smart Clock is on SALE on Best Buy

Are you looking for a smart speaker that is powered by Google? You might want to check this deal. You can get a Lenovo Smart Clock for only $40. This gadget is currently on sale on Best Buy, so go ahead and see for yourself.

It might not seem much at first glance, but the initial price of Lenovo Smart Clock was $60. That’s $20 less from the original price, so it does make a difference.

The speaker from Lenovo has a minimalist design. But, it also features a sunrise type of alarm. That means that after you set the alarm, the clock’s screen will slowly brighten up to simulate daylight’s arrival. The process starts 30 minutes before the time you set. Lenovo Smart Clock also comes with an ambient light sensor.

This smart clock is not very sophisticated. For example, you can’t see photos and videos on its screen. But what you can see on its screen is the weather information. Plus, your Google calendar events and the songs that are playing. However, it is not just a mere smart clock. This gadget features eight clock faces and six-alarm tones. Plus, the high-tech of this product shows you the reminders and suggestions for future alarms.

But, one of the most important factors is that Lenovo Smart Clock has access to Google Assistant. That means this smart device follows voice commands. And the voice commands feature can control your smart home setup. How cool is that?

Another thing that is worth mentioning about the Lenovo Smart Clock is the privacy vibe it gives. This product doesn’t have an in-built camera. The smart clock does feature a microphone, but you can simply turn it off if you want to. As for the non-existing camera, it makes it the perfect gadget to ensure your privacy at home. Other devices that come with an in-built camera have raised a lot of privacy questions. However, that is not the case with the Lenovo Smart Clock.



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