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Legends of Runeterra: Everything You Should Know About Riot’s Card Game

Riot’s future content was announced during the League of Legends 10-year anniversary celebration, including not just League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics updates, but also the upcoming games based on the League of Legends universe.

One that drew our attention during that event is Legends of Runeterra, the card game that will feature our favorite champions. Let’s check out a summary of everything we know about Legends of Runeterra, including the release date, gameplay, microtransactions, platforms and more.

Legends of Runeterra Release Date

Riot has already opened Legends of Runeterra to beta players after it was announced. However, the beta test ended after 5 days, and will soon be reopened this month.

According to a blog post on the official game’s website, they have planned a roadmap for the incoming months (which are subject to change):

Legends of Runeterra – Gameplay

In short, think of Hearthstone blended with Artifact, except for the turn priorities where your opponent can respond when you take an action. Mana, drawing cards each turn, attacking and blocking are the same. And talking about mana, the one unused from the previous turn is transformed into spell mana that you can use in the next turns.

You build decks around champions that you must level up.

Legends of Runeterra Cards

There are 318 cards in Legends of Runeterra, divided into six regions – Demacia, Ionia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover and Zaun, and Shadow Isles.

You can create a deck with up to two different regions.

Legends of Runeterra Characters

Each Region mentioned above has four champions:

  • Demacia: Fiora, Garen, Lucian, and Lux
  • Piltover and Zaun: Jinx, Ezreal, Teemo, and Heimerdinger
  • Ionia: Yasuo, Shen, Zed, and Karma
  • Noxus: Darius, Draven, Vladimir, and Katarina
  • Freljord: Braum, Ashe, Anivia, and Tryndamere
  • Shadow Isles: Thresh, Elise, Hecarim, and Kalista

Legends of Runeterra Microtransactions

Here’s where Riot’s microtransactions impressed us:

You don’t buy random card packs with real money, but you can buy wild cards and turn them into a card that you want. There is a weekly limit on this type of purchase.

There are also cosmetics added to the game. And that’s about it.

You can earn cards for free by completing quests and unlocking them from a chosen region, you can level up your weekly vault by playing games. The vault can be opened once a week and contains random cards.

Check out more information posted by Riot on YouTube:

We’ll keep you updated with all things Legends of Runeterra on this page.



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