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League of Legends Preseason Power Ratings

As League of Legends’ end of the preseason is slowly approaching and all the teams revealing their roster for Spring Split 2020, the time is ripe to inspect the Preseason Power Ratings. As always, the new season means new rookies, and this year, rookie players have allied to the league.

League of Legends Preseason Power Ratings

G2 Esports

The European champions have made some massive changes to the team by inverting the roles of Caps and Perkz. Caps is set to start AS Carry for G2 Sports, and Perkz will get back to the mid lane. Even though this seems rather insane, only G2 Sports can pull off such move and succeed while doing it.


Fnatic has enjoyed rather moderate success in 2019, as the team has got to the Summer Split finals but did not win it. Even so, their star mid-lane, Nemesis, has evolved immensely during the last year and will not be in charge of the team in LEC.
Bwipo is a robust duelist who could remark himself as the best top-lane in the LEC this split. However, the question is how he adapts and what kind of playstyle he shows.


Because of some impressive performances from Finn and Inspired, Rogue was extremely close to qualifying for Worlds last season. After an awful split with Misfits in 2019, Han Sama has joined Rogue, looking for a fresh start.
This team has a lot of places to expand, having the potential to command the whole league. With the right hand to guide them, they can challenge even the Fnatic and G2 Sports teams.


As per several analysts, Origen was the winner of the off-season, and following the purchase of Xerxe, Upset, and Destiny, the team evidently appears incredibly strong. Xerxe is a scene veteran and comes with a lot of experience to the team. With both Upset and Destiny additions, the team is now powerful and maybe even an opponent for the top 3 places of this split.


Vitality has got a lot of firepower after their underwhelming 2019. Milica, Skeanz, and Comp have allied to Cabochard and Jactroll, and their 5th spot is mainly based on the hype Milica comes with to the LEC.

His evolvement is crucial for the team’s placement in the playoffs, and with Yamato Cannon leaving the team, Duke has stepped in as the new Head coach. Comp has been named as one of the best players to ever exist in Greece, and it would be amazing to watch his development during this season.

​Now, the last two ranks belonged to Misfits Gaming and the SK Gaming team. They are worth mentioning because they seem to want to improve a lot and definitely deserve to rank higher this year.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming’s success last year was because Junger Selfmade, and because he has now moved to Fnatic, the team appears to lack their primary support. Even though most other teams have chosen to make some move powers by adding or keeping their main bearer in the team, SK Gaming has only brought Trick and Limit to the main roster.

Misfits Gaming

Misfits have now accepted the rookie culture, as the end of the year, 2019 was a rather sad one. There is no certainty regarding the way the team will perform on the mainstage at LEC. However, because Maurice Stückenschneider ​joined the team as a strategic coach and with Jandro around, they could do well in the following years.



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