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League of Legends: Legends of Runeterra Beta Entry Was Released

As League of Legends hit a decade since the first release, Riot has decided to surprise fans. Developers work at a new project to mark the game’s 10th anniversary. More significantly, they have a lot in mind to bring, as we witnessed along years.

League of Legends arrived as a card-based game, later it became a battling installment and even a main-character shooter. The card game, also dubbed the CCG, is named Legends of Runeterra, which players have been impatiently waiting for a little too long now, got its beta entry launched today.

Players Encountered Some Issues with the Beta Entry

Sometimes, beta releases for any online game bring some issues. Most of them involve the server overload. Riot’s plans for solving such a problem brought players a hard time, but after a few hours from its release, the beta can be thoroughly accessed. Those who went with a pre-registration got their entry a little bit early.

Developers sent them an email with the following statement: “Beta Season officially begins January 24, but since you’ve already pre-registered, you’ll be able to play the Legends of Runeterra open beta a day early. Access will be granted starting at 11 am PST on January 23rd and roll out over the next few hours.”

The staggered access, however, had an impact on both types of players. Such a thing happened due to Riot’s assurance that the servers will keep its status stable. It also prevented the game from crashing or stopping unexpectedly.

League of Legends: Legends of Runeterra Features

Players will get to enjoy a new and exciting card game, which some predicted that it would come as a one-of-a-kind and fun gameplay. Legends of Runeterra received many enhancements, fresh designs, and upgrades for the best game experience ever.



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