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Latest Firefox Update Consumes More RAM Than Usual

Many users nowadays are using Firefox as their default browsers since it is highly renowned for its stable, secure, and fast performance. Unfortunately, there have been reported a series of issues along the way by the desktop users. One of the most common concerns was stating that the browsers now needs a lot more RAM than usual.

After careful research, it has been stabilized that the latest update is responsible for causing such high demand in RAM. A wide range of users has complained regarding the fact that the browser has developed to be a memory hog. The reports state that the Firefox browser now necessitates more RAM than even Google Chrome. An experiment is showing that even when utilizing Chrome with all the extensions enable, it goes around 300-350MB, while Firefox when facing the same conditions, consumes 500MB RAM.

Firefox Update Launched With A Bug

After this report was published, many more users have confirmed to experience the same issues with their browser. The problem is affecting those that do not have a high RAM. A user has reported that for his computer, which only has 4GB RAM, the problem is highly visible and sensed. Therefore, he is recommending to use Google Chrome until this issue is fixed by the officials.

In addition to this, several users got scared, thinking that their devices are now infected with viruses. They are reporting that up until now, the services provided by Firefox were of good quality and that never before the browser has requested so much RAM to function properly. At the moment, there is no solution to solve this issue in the new Firefox update, which is affecting an impressive number of users. The only thing that we can do is sit back and wait for the company to fix this issue while using another browser such as Google Chrome.



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