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Kyrie Irving feels sorry for saying Earth is flat, says didn’t realize the effect of his statement

Kyrie Irving felt sorry and apologized on Monday for saying last year that the Earth is flat. He said that at that time he “didn’t realize the effect” his comments could have.

The Boston Celtics point guard spoke at  the Forbes’ Under 30 Summit in Boston. He was asked at the conference to tell once and for all which side he is on in the debate over the shape of the Earth.

He explained he was too much into conspiracy theories in February 2017 when he had made his comments. He added that the attention he received made him realize the power which voice can have.

He said that even if one believes in that, he should not come out and say such stuff because it is for intimate conversations as perception and how people receive it, changes it.

Irving also said he also didn’t understand the impact his comments would have on people.

Seems that at that time he didn’t realize the effect as he said repeatedly, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I apologize.

Irving, who was then with the Cleveland Cavaliers had made big headlines last year after discussing conspiracy theories on Road Trippin with RJ & Channing podcast with his then teammates Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson.

Irving told Jefferson and Frye while recording the podcast on an airplane that “this is not even a conspiracy theory, the Earth is flat, the Earth is flat and  right in front of our faces, they all have lied to us.”

He reiterated those beliefs to ESPN later and commented that it makes him laugh that his comments became a “social phenomenon”.

This is not uncommon that celebrities have to apologize for random things they say. Irving having just saying that the earth was flat on seeing it from an airplane is a very small incident which should had been ignored. However, he was poked again and again for his statement and he had to ultimately apologize publicly for it.



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