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KAYAK 99.1 Update Brings Some New Content, Fixes, and Improvements

KAYAK is a remarkable flight service that harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to scan hundreds of travel sites and place the best offers in a convenient location. The dedicated app provided by the company comes with a wealth of new features that make booking a pleasure.

The prime and best feature of the app is the robust search engine that allows potential customers to find excellent deals related to flights, hotels, and rental car services. Those who wish to save extra money can gain an edge by unlocking an exciting Private Deals feature, which comes with excellent rates that are only available on mobile devices.

It is easy to start the booking process since all you need to do is to select a desirable destination and choose the best dates for flying. The app will find the best deals for your choice and offer detailed information about the potential location.

What’s new in the KAYAK 99.1 update?

Users can filter the results by using a variety of keywords, including stops, departure times, available amenities, and much more. The Price Forecast will show the trends that are followed by prices and how likely it is that they will rise and drop in the following days. With Explore, you can find an interesting destination that is within your budget with a few taps.

KAYAK can also handle many of the organizational aspects that are related to the booking process. Everything that is important can be found in one place, and users have the option to import and download confirmation emails at will.

Real-time notification will offer valuable data about the current flight status, gate changes, or the need to claim your baggage. It can also calculate how much you may spend during security queues. Guided directions will quickly get you to the essential areas in an airport. The new KAYAK 99.1 update comes with a new dark mode and the option to save results directly from the search screen.



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