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Jessica Rogan: Top Laudable Facts About Joe Rogan’s Wife You Probably Didn’t Know

Joe Rogan is an awesome one-man show, as he serves as a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and TV host. But his wife Jessica is also an interesting gal, as she is a famous TV producer who also worked on many stand-up comedy events and shows.

Jessica Rogan is 42 years old, and she was born in Arizona. She worked in her past as a cocktail waitress, but there are plenty of interesting facts about her that you may not know about. Let’s see some of them:

She serves as an analyst for Volvo Motorsports

Jessica is a product analyst at Volvo Motorsports, and that’s the kind of job that allows you to earn some decent money. 

She has a daughter from a previous relationship

Although Jessica met Joe Rogan in 2008 and they got their first child one year later, her oldest daughter belongs to a previous relationship the woman had. 

She tried a career in modeling

Jessica had also tried to get into the modeling business after signing a contract with a Chinese modeling agency. During that time, she moved to China for several months to try to become a model. 

She worked on several documentaries

As a TV producer, Jessica also assisted in the production of the documentary movies Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed and Hollywood.

Her father is also a stand-up comedian

Besides the fact that Jessica is married to a popular stand-up comedian, that’s not the only connection she has with the field. Her father Robert Schimmel has also worked as a stand-up comedian.

Jessica Rogan is a successful woman, that’s for sure. Her net worth is even rumored to be $1 million, although there’s no official data about her revenue on the web as far as we know. Again we have a strong reason to believe that Joe Rogan is one lucky man.

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