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It’s Vegeta’s Time to Shine when ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Returns

It’s only a matter of time until Dragon Ball Super returns to the big screens, the successor of the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z. The manga is continuing the story after the Tournament Of Power and the 2018 movie with Broly, and the narrator himself told us very clearly that we haven’t seen the last of what Dragon Ball Super has to offer.

But what’s coming up next on the anime is the question that any Dragon Ball fan wants an answer for. Plenty of exciting things will unfold, but we believe that the most interesting one will be Vegeta’s struggle to regain his lost glory. The Prince of all Sayians will truly shine at the return of Dragon Ball Super, and we’ll gladly explain how we can be sure of it.

He’s stronger than ever and always improving

By achieving the Super Sayian Blue and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution forms, Vegeta is at least thousands of times stronger than he was back in Dragon Ball Z. In his ultimate form, he eliminated Toppo, a freshly transformed god of destruction, in a critical moment of the Tournament Of Power from Dragon Ball Super. Most likely, nobody else could eliminate Toppo at that point.

If Vegeta had lost that battle, the consequences would have been devastating for our heroes. Besides, in the same tournament that had the fate of the entire Universe as the stake, Vegeta kept pace with Goku, and they both eliminated the most opponents. The Prince of all Saiyans even taught some manners to Jiren, perhaps the most powerful opponent the Dragon Ball heroes ever had. Unfortunately, Vegeta was eliminated by Jiren after fighting with absolutely everything he got.

In the last episode from the previous season of Super, Vegeta was doing a little spar with Goku and clearly suggested that he will keep on training to become stronger. Vegeta was always eager to surpass Goku in strength.

Enough is enough

Vegeta has been living enough in the shadow of Goku in Dragon Ball Super. The Sayian Prince was beaten by Hit, Goku Black, and Jiren, opponents that Goku had won against.

Vegeta had a huge chance to kill Frieza in the Resurrection F saga, but he lost the battle unexpectedly. A victory like that against the mighty intergalactic tyrant would have been tremendous for the Sayian Prince. Of course, Goku was the one that step in and finished the job instead.

On the other hand, Vegeta had enormous contributions to the defeat of Cell and Majin Buu back in Dragon Ball Z. Without those contributions, evil would have prevailed forever, and all the good characters were doomed along with the Earth.

Moments like those in DBZ, when Vegeta was decisive for the salvation of the Earth and the Universe, just have to come back. Yes, Vegeta had a little sparkling against Toppo, as I said previously, but it’s certainly not enough. It’s obvious that the Sayian Prince received a lot more respect from the story writer Akira Toryiama back in Z than he received in Super, and fans are craving to see Vegeta truly shine again. Also, Vegeta was stronger than Goku in some moments in Dragon Ball Z, something that never happened in Dragon Ball Super.

Besides, the fact that Vegeta is still extremely eager to surpass Goku in Super after the Prince of the Saiyans previously said to Goku in Z that “no amount of training could close the gap between us” proves that something big is going to happen. And that “something” is Vegeta surpassing Goku, or at least becoming as important in decisive moments as he was in Dragon Ball Z.

When is the anime coming back

Dragon Ball Super is most likely coming back in the Spring. If, by any chance, it’s delaying, don’t panic. It surely will come back soon since the manga is continuing the story. Besides, Vegeta has to surpass Goku again in some way or another.




  1. Vegeta deserves some love, that is for sure. Even Toriyama mentioned a few times that Vegeta will surpass Goku but it was only for a few moments or episodes. I think Goku will always best Vegeta 1 way or another similar to what happened in the last episodes of Super when Goku achieved UI. Goku seems to be 1 step ahead of Vegeta even without his will. Goku’s sheer will of becoming stronger will step him ahead of Vegeta with or without his consent xD.


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